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How can I tell how long it will take to receive my order?
We ship all orders same day (Monday – Friday) if the order is placed before 2 PM central time. You can check UPS transit times from our warehouse (ZIP Code 73114) on the UPS website at https://wwwapps.ups.com/calTimeCost?loc=en_US&WT.svl=PNRO_L1.

Are SoccerWave® products available in Norway?
All SoccerWave™ products are available for purchase in Norway online at http://www.3v3.no.

Are SoccerWave® products available in Europe?
All SoccerWave™ products are available for purchase in Europe online at http://www.soccerwaveeurope.com.

What do I need to do if I want to return a purchase?
Contact us at Customer Care for returning products.

Is there a high return and a low return SoccerWave™?
No, the graduated varying curvature across the unit will return the ball low at one end and high at the other end allowing the ball to come back at different heights and locations.

Is there an indoor and an outdoor SoccerWave™?
The SoccerWave™ units can be used both indoor and outdoor.

How much does the SoccerWave™ Jr weigh?
The SoccerWave™ Jr weighs 26 pounds.

What is the SoccerWave™ Jr made of?
The SoccerWave™ Jr is comprised of a powder coated steel frame with UV protected nets that are attached to the frame with bungee cords.