The soccer wave has had a great impact on my son’s ability on ball control. I noticed after only a week of owning the soccer wave he had so much more ball control. He started using the rebound side of the soccer wave and as the ball came back to him he would kick it into a small goal we had set up. He started scoring a least one goal a game. His soccer coach even noticed the difference. I highly recommend the soccer wave for any age and any skill level.

Dawnmarie Kroft
Parent of two Oklahoma Football Club Players


I was amazed on how easy it was for the kids to move around from grass to hard surface. I put it in the front yard, but later noticed the kids had moved it to the driveway for faster ball play. Also, the Soccer Wave Jr. seems to draw attention, as other kids in the neighborhood would come over to check it out. There has been improvement in the boy’s game. They seem to deliver the ball more focused when passing to another player or sending it to the goal. Thanks for making this product available at a price reasonable for our kids.

Mark Murphy – Edmond, OK

The Soccerwave is the best soccer training equipment I’ve ever used! I’ve been playing soccer for the last 37 years, and have coached recreational and competitive soccer for 10 years. I grew up in the country where there were very few kids my age, and none of them ever wanted to play soccer. The only thing I had growing up was a chain link gate as a re-bounder, which I have to say needed repairs every once in a while. Needless to say, the returns were not like a normal pass or a good delivery of the ball. I’ve been using the Soccerwave for the last 5 years and I wish I had the Soccerwave growing up! Since using the Soccerwave, I’ve improved collecting and controlling the ball even after 37 years of playing.

My 15 year old son plays in his High School Band and is more of an academic student than an athlete. He decided that next semester he wants to try out for the Freshman High School soccer team. When we would practice together he had a hard time just passing and receiving the ball on the ground and in the air. My son started using the Soccerwave about a month ago and his ground balls are perfect now. The Soccerwave makes you play a good ground ball with the correct pace to receive a good return. Before using the Soccerwave he just didn’t know what to do when the ball came to him in the air, but with the repetitive returns, he has become more relaxed and comfortable when he receives a ball in the air. I would recommend the Soccerwave to any child or adult with a passion for soccer!

I want to thank the person who invented the Soccerwave on behalf of children with a passion for the game who doesn’t have anyone at home to practice with!

Ken – Soccer Coach