Origin of the SoccerWave®

The SoccerWave® concept came about when my son needed someone to practice soccer techniques with, and I was not able to assist him because of back problems. I had played soccer all my life until my back injury occurred. I know that some soccer techniques can be practiced alone, but others require the aid of another person to play you the ball. Kicking against a wall was just not doing it for my son, and it became costly for me when he broke the front windows of our house!

soccerwave jr002sm

SoccerWave™ JR

I did extensive research to try to find a product that would enable him to practice and improve his soccer techniques and skills unaided, but there was none. I decided to design something myself. My father-in-law took my design and created the first version out of wood. It worked perfectly, but was hard to carry and transport. I had a local company create a version in plastic. That version worked great, too, but was very heavy and hard to move. I took this version to my son’s soccer team so they could test it. The team liked it and gave very positive feedback; they liked that you could practice alone or in a group.

So with the support of my family and friends, I decided I would find a manufacturer who would produce my design with a lighter, more durable material. The final product turned out just as I had expected, and I was excited to introduce it to the market. I am very proud of and stand behind every SoccerWave® product.
Ben Mazloompour
SoccerWave® inventor