SoccerWave XP
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SoccerWave® Sweeps
Away the Competition

This is the new practice solution that sweeps away everything else in the field.

The SoccerWave® was invented by an engineer who has worked with soccer players on two continents. Based on his knowledge of physics and the needs of players, he has created a unique, original, patented design that both players and coaches will love.


SoccerWave Soccer Training

SoccerWaveSoccerWave Soccer Training

SoccerWave®: The New Wave in Soccer Training!

The SoccerWave® is the ultimate training tool for soccer skills improvement! Soccer Wave products allow players to practice without the aid of others.

SoccerWave products are individual soccer training tools. The whole purpose of the SoccerWave XP and the SoccerWave Jr is to practice soccer without the aid of another player. When a ground ball is played into the SoccerWave XP or the SoccerWave Jr, the return can be used for Trapping, Heading, Volley shots and more.

The most unique feature of the SoccerWave XP and the SoccerWave Jr is their patented graduated varying curvature which extends from one side of the unit to the other and makes the ball return unpredictable. Depending on the pace of the ball and the location where the ball hits on the SoccerWave XP or the SoccerWave Jr, the return can be high, low, left or right. This unpredictability of the return is to mimic the real game situation. If you place a small amount of pace on the ball, it is likely for the return to be in-front of you and a fast pace would place the ball behind you. The player needs to adjust their position for the different returns just like a real live situation.

The SoccerWave XP is 3 feet (91 cm) wide and it weighs 22 pounds (10kg). Its size and weight makes it very portable. Depending on the type of surface you place it on and the age of players you are working with, you may need to add water or stake the unit down for more stability.

The SoccerWave XP is made of HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene). This material is very tough and durable and it is also UV protected.

The SoccerWave XP consists of only one piece with no moving parts and it does not require any assembly, therefore as soon as you receive it you can start using it.

As an added feature I invented the Kick Back Panel which slides into the back of the SoccerWave XP and creates a wall so that players can use both sides of the SoccerWave XP at the same time.

SoccerWave XP is the ultimate soccer training product for players of all ages!

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